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Tough Love Word Medicine Sales Quiz



What is the "And-Uh, But-Uh, The-Uh" Syndrome ?

What is the most common virus that affects some 99% of the
world's population including doctors, lawyers, school teachers,
college  professors,   educators,   sports  figures,   radio  and
television announcers, entertainers, business people, parents,
students, even appointed and elected government officials ?

Why are our local and national airwaves considered breeding grounds for "Doofus Droppers" ?  Exactly what is a "Doofus Dropper" ?  Educators agree that we, as a nation, are losing the ability to communicate !

If you would like the answers to these very important questions plus many more relating to improving your personal speaking ability, then you need this audio CD titled "Tough Love" !

This CD tells it like it is regarding the continued decline of our ability to verbally convey even the simplest thoughts, ideas and opinions.  This CD offers proof positive facts and some 20 suggestions on ways to improve and resurrect our verbal communication ability.

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