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Tough Love Word Medicine Sales Quiz


For seniors - retirees who feel unfulfilled,
perhaps depressed, discouraged, bored,
useless, lonely, wanting or frustrated
that your life is over ...


WORD MEDICINE - Blending encouragement and verbal communication for seniors - retirees for the purpose of adding life to our years by following through on our set-aside GOALS - PLANS - DREAMS!

As Ben Franklin once stated:

"Every man, woman and child has infinite potential just waiting to be tapped..."

Encouragement is like vitamins, we all need some each day.

A word of encouragement to avoid a failure is worth
more than a dictionary of praise after a huge success.

The grandest work a human being can do is to encourage our fellow man. The world needs encouragers, those who can arouse the hidden talents of the average man or woman, boy or girl, even more than it needs great physicians or statesmen ... encouragers raise ourselves and others to our highest power. We must recognize the fact that there are more hearts hungering for love and encouragement than anything else in the world. The bottom line is this ... the greatest unsatisfied hunger is the hunger for appreciation, and we can give that appreciation through an abundance of sincere encouragement.

25 Subjects Such As:

I'm a senior citizen and darn proud of it. How did we survive ?
Almost seventy. When does old age really begin ?
Being a senior has no bearing on success.
So you think your dream is silly!
Don't be afraid to fail.
The greatest power in our possession
Suggestions to increase your happiness.
Avoiding the #1 weakness known to mankind.
Rock solid foundation for life.
Perseverance - don't ever give up!
The night I kidnapped Elvis
Senior citizen prayer
Personal encouragement stories

The human spirit rings with hope at the sound of an encouraging word!
This being the case, we want to RING YOUR BELL .... LOUDLY!!!!

For information on CD's, encouragement meetings, counseling for above
subjects and more, contact Ray Green at ray@encouragementcenter.net
or call 337.981.4265. Meetings tailor made to fit your specific group-org.

God adds years to our lives ...
It's up to us to add life to our years!!

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